Willowtree Campground in Longs, SC.

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Mar 16, 2005
Halo said:
Has anyone stayed there? If so what do you think of it?

All but the last camper in the RV Parks Review web site (a very good resource for your type of question besides us  ;D says its great or close to it. http://rvparkreviews.com/South_Carolina.html#Longs


Aug 27, 2005
Excellent info as always. My girlfriend rented a class A coach and is spending the week there. I havent got a report back from her yet is why I asked. If its as nice as the reviews say it is I think we might just stay there my next time on the east coast. Her work schedule really lends itself to RV'ing. She works 12 hr shifts for 7 days then she has 7 days off. So in theory she could be on the road 6 months of the year. This is why shes very much interested in getting that fiver I was asking about in another thread. Thanks!
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