(winnebago) gel coat sun fade problems

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Dec 1, 2017
Ive got a farily new (2 year or less) winnie drop with a blue gel coat that has sun damage. this is due to winnebago, in their infinite wisdom, putting a HIGHLY REFLECTIVE fender over the wheel which magnifies the suns rays here in NC, to a now I realize - damaging level. there is an arc of faded color where this has happened. I then applied an rv soap, washed well, applied an RV wax, washed again, then cleaned the awning with an rv awning cleaner.........now ALL of those things have ran into the oxidized/faded area, and streaked it horribly.

1. Id never buy gel coat again, until im tony stark rich and can store the vehicle inside. in 29 years, ive never met a camper that faded this horrible. its 2 years old at most. lesson learned: dont buy on looks. do more research.

2. im calling winnebago and letting them know about the design flaw. im also ordering some matte white vinyl to put over the fenders.

Any magic bullets for this? considering taking to a boat shop. dont want to damage any further.

thanks!! if nothing else, it was nice to vent :)



Jan 13, 2005
A fiberglass restorer and a buffer will usually restore the color. Add a good fiberglass wax to protect the newly restored finish. However, be careful with that buffer as the gel coat is relatively thin (possibly 0.3-0.5mm). Since the gel coat contains the color, going through it will lose the color in that area (and it can't be restored).
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