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Sep 15, 2005
Southern CA
Last week we found ourselves in hot temps of 102-104 at our campsite. We were shaded by a large tree which helped some. I set the a/c to 75 degrees, it ran full time and never brought the inside temp below 85. I was disappointed with this, as I thought the a/c would be cabable of more. This is a 2005 rig with ducted heat and air. We did have all the shades down as well. Is this the best we can expect from this unit ?
Also the a/c did drain a fair bit of water from both sides which ran down the gutters and dripped off. I would have thought there was a drain tube of some sort ?

Thanks for the input !

\Doubt very much if you will do much better that. Thin walls and cellings, hotter than all get out, one A/C, about as good as you are going to get.  Other day I ran our 37' A and both A/Cs, 111 temp and it brought it down but not any better than yours.  That's a load for these units. Remember also, very much heat comes in thru the windows.  They also are thin even if they a welded glass.  They are not eqivilent to house-hold windows

The standard is about 20 degrees less than outside. If you have a class c like me I  cover the windshield AND take a thick blanket to seal the cab area from the living area. Plus I keep the bathroom door shut. My rig stays very cool even at Havasu or the river.
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