Winnebago/Sprinter Valve Stem Extenders

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Mar 14, 2017
Roamed 5400 miles, 17 states in several weeks - middle of Kansas, flat tire on the dually Sprinter. Braided stainless steel valve extender clamped to outer dual wheel ring ripped off and the valve too resulted on 100% flat tire. Colby KS tire dealer pulled off the tire, replaced valve stem, rebalanced, remounted at 6pm for $20!!! they were awesome. Much later, outside Pittsburgh, PA another valve extender failure result, shredded outside tire. Tire shop replaced tire, new valve, removed all four valve tire $175, labor $10!!! Gotta love the real world.
Back in Eagle County Colorado go to 2 Valley Tire to simply install braided valve stems on the tire rim as I removed all the aluminum rings as the weak point of the install. Picked up the coach, checked the c-clamps and with very little pressure every one slid off! REALLY?!?!? This could have resulted in significant damage and/or injury had we driven the coach on the highway. Further inspection showed the inner extender was loose enough to spurt in all this was a really shi*y job + they expletive deleted me for $135. Don't look to these folks for professional, honest and trustworthy work. Looks like I will do this install myself. Truly don't understand how a small business like this can allow dangerously bad work to leave their shop & charge HUGE $'s....the real world needs to knock on their door.
THe valve extension quest continues

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Nov 17, 2015
Denver, CO
Another vote for the solid metal stems.  My rig has the Alcoa wheels (16") and the hand holes in them are kind of elliptical shaped...... and not real common.  The inner dual has a 9" stem and needs stabilized with a rubber insert in that weird-shaped hand hole.  I called these folks and they knew exactly what I needed ..... so I bought from them (Borg brand)  without a lot of shopping around.  You will like the solid stems.

Good luck with the fix and safe travels.


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