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I have gotta say that we consider ourselves very lucky with our pre covid 2016 TT. I'm not sure if the mfgr or the dealership did the work, but we had only one major problem, and that was taken care of very quickly, 8 years ago.

Safe travels and all the best.
You aren't the only one like that, but happy RV buyers don't post as many messages, nor are their posts as memorable as the horror stories.

I've searched for any data or even educated guesses about what percentage of RVs have many or very serious defects but never found any. The popular media & many blogs write as if every RV is a disaster, while the RV industry pretends that they are all golden by the time they are turned over to the buyer. Clearly neither is accurate, but no data exists to show the facts.
Clearly neither is accurate, but no data exists to show the facts.
Not only that, but the dealership that sold the new RV is also a very major factor that few people address. I have bought both new and used from several different dealerships and have never had a really bad experience with either new or used.
Or from Sears!

In a couple of weeks I'll be camping fifth a guy who made his own A-Frame trailer from the ground up. It's not a 40 foot Pusher but it suits his needs.

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