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Dec 15, 2005
rockingham, nc
hello to all. i live in south central nc. 20 minutes away from travel resorts of america' s jackson springs  location. in most of january and february the weather is too cold for a motorhome to not be winterized. but december is cold and warm. do ya'll think 2-3 days of 35-45 degree and night-ime of 20-35 degree then 2-3 days 40-55, nights 30-45 degrees, do you think it is ok not to be winterized. laast week was cold next three days will be warm and im off work would love to spend a few days up at the campground, but ive already winterized. would it be safe to wait till mid january to winterize? i know this is long but i tried to give you all the info to help me. thanks alot for all the help.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
You don't need to winterize if the temperature stays above freezing. You probably don't need to winterize if it drops below freezing for only an hour in the wee hours of the morning either - it is highly unlikely that any water will freeze up that quickly. But note that I said unlikely rather than impossible - there are too many variables to be absolutely sure. External water lines are the most susceptible (obviously) so disconnect any hoses that run outside the coach. Next are pipes and valves in the utility bay, which is typically unheated. Sticking a lit, 60-100w light bulb in there will easily take care of that and the cost is negligible.

You can also leave the furnace on in the coach if you think it will drop below freezing for a bit. Keeping the interior at 40-45 degrees should be sufficient to keep most all spaces above freezing. Open cabinet doors to allow the warmer air to circulate close to walls/floors where plumbing lines run.

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