Winter living in the RV

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Sep 5, 2021
West Virginia
Thank you all for the great advice. I know the winter here will be a cold one, especially compared to winters in Arizona. I think that with some kind of foam insulation board around the bottom of the RV will help keep in some warmth, especially keep the floor from getting too cold and cooling off the inside of the RV.

Kevin filled them up every couple of days! Days with highs below freezing and lows in the single digits. Ugh. There is a reason we go south for the winter.
We do have some fellow RVer's in town that I've also been questioning about winter living, as they will be doing the same here this winter. So far I'm gathering that propane will be an asset. We have a little grill tank and also a large 100 gallon stand up tank. I'll make sure to keep them filled. The little grill tank will be a back up incase we run out in the middle of the night (keep us going till morning when the shops open).

By winterize I meant learning how to dump the water and drain the plumbing so the lines do not freeze up in case your plan fails and you decide to get out
Ah yes! We will figure that in as well. Right now it looks like we're going to buckle down here, if it gets too bad we'll probably go into the main house in the basement. I've been reading other winterize threads here and have gathered some useful information on this. Things such as removing ALL water from the pipes etc. Very helpful, thank you!


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May 30, 2021
east of the river, west of the woods
Also if you have slide toppers remember to tie them down. For that I bought several 3 inch wide tow straps, placed over the toppers and secured then with ratchet straps.
Our situation is much like the original poster's. We're wintering for the first time in Northern Virginia, set up next to our son's house, hooked to his sewer and water. I really appreciate the advice about the water hose, etc. but don't understand what you mean about tying down the slide toppers. (which we have)

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May 20, 2011
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You could Run a rope around the slide out to prevent the topper from blowing in the wind possibly tearing it apart. I would use a wide ratchet strap instead of just rope.
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