Winter over-roof

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Kootenay Nomad

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Oct 4, 2022
Slocan Valley, BC
Hi, I am a happy and fretful new home-owner -have enjoyed my first summer with my daughter in my 30 foot Cougar. We live in snow-zone kootenays and wondering about suggestions for keeping the roof in good condition over the winter. I have re-painted the EPDM roof and coated the seals and could probably let snow fall without leaks. Shovel carefully? That would keep the sun off, but what about all the freeze-that around my newly sealed joints?
WE are nomads, must be able to move relatively easily in the spring. MAybe a sit-on top steep pitch roof with trusses every 3 feet or so and metal or plastic sheeting that would slide the snow? How much weight can the roof hold? Along the main wall edges of course.
ANy ideas welcome. I'm trying to take care of my new home, while keeping twice yearly mobility in mind.

Thanks Avairy =}

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
The RV roof should be able to handle most snows. Now if you have FEET of snow piling up on it.> I'd worry.. But so long as it's inches.. Should be ok..


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Nov 22, 2010
Where our wheels take us!
If any RV dealers in your area take no special precautions to protect their outside inventory, then you're likely ok. If you do decide to clear snow off the roof, I suggest using a plastic "coal" shovel rather than a metal shovel. It's not as wide as a snow shovel, making it easier to control, and the scoop shape lets you slide snow over to the edges instead of having to lift and throw it. The plastic of course, is not as sharp as a metal shovel. Make yourself a drawing or take a photo that shows where the roof protrusions are that might be buried under the snow so you don't accidentally damage them with the shovel.

Rene T

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May 20, 2011
Farmington NH
With that wood stove burning, the heat will probably penetrate the thinly insulated roof and melt much of the snow up there

Zulu Kono

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May 28, 2022
Shovel carefully?
Shovel, no.
I'd use a push broom, from the curb side of the camper, to
push snow carefully off of the road side every time it snows.
Probably need at least an eight foot step ladder.
I recommend not letting it accumulate.
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