Winterization of rig without battery removal.

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Apr 13, 2012
Lancaster, PA
I winterized my Winnebago Chieftain 22rc (1984) but I plan on doing the following over the winter every 2 weeks-

Start and run the engine until it warms up.
Exercise my generator under load every 2 weeks.
Keep power to my inverter to keep the batteries charged

I don't want to remove my house batteries or the engine battery. Will the interverter have enough power to keep the batteries charged? Will using the inverter as a trickle charger run up my electric bill too much?

I do the exact same things.

My converter has no issues with keeping the batteries up. I have the pendant on the converter.

I check the battery acid levels monthly.

Unless it has been changed you don't have an inverter/charger.
You should have a converter, however Winnebago typically does not charge the engine battery from the converter.

The alternator charges the engine battery and the house battery. The converter charges only the house battery. The generator charges only the house battery.

If you can keep the rig plugged into shore power you can connect either a BatteryMinder or a BatteryTender to the engine battery. Both are float chargers and can be connected all winter without harming the battery.
Good heads up Clay,

After reading your post, you are correct. I will make sure to purchase a tender for the engine battery. Thanks
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