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Jul 4, 2005
We are living in our RV in Reno until October 24. I know it will get into the 20's during this time, possibly lower. If we maintain the inside temp at 60 or greater with the propane heating system, will everything other than the water hose be ok? And does wrapping the water hose with that insulating wrap that you can buy keep that from freezing?


Sep 4, 2005
St Louis Park, MN
If it's going to be below freezing I'd disconnect the water hose at night (or whenever you don't need it to fill your fresh water tank), and close the grey water tank drain valve until that needs to be emptied.  A larger amount of water takes longer to freeze than a smaller one, and your tank area probably isn't heated.? The water hose freezes quickly because it's so small.? Foam insulation would slow that, but it seems to me to be easier to just disconnect it and then you don't have to store the insulation later.? I'm assuming if it gets to 20 at night it will get above freezing in the day and warm up whatever is getting cold.?


Jan 13, 2005
You need to also make sure that any water lines, etc that might be in the storage bay(s) of your RV is kept above freezing. One way that will help is to run one or two of those trouble lights (a bulb holder at the end of a power cord) into the bay(s). A couple of 60W bulbs would help a lot. Check to see if your rig has a basement heater, sometimes called "systems heat". They usually work on a thermostat and will do a better job of keeping things from freezing up.
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