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Aug 15, 2005
I am new to the forum but am enjoying reading the topics.  We have a new camper we are getting outfitted for camping trips this fall in the SW desert.  We are so ready to get out in the camper.

I am wondering if there are any RVer's who work while they are on the road?  If you do, what kinds of work do you do?  What kinds of assistance do you wish were available for you to help you with the administrative aspects of your work? 

I would like to write an article about this topic and would appreciate any responses you may have.  You could also contact me off line at [email protected].  Thanks in advance for your help.  Connie


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Feb 1, 2005
I work from our motor home as a contract programmer.  I have a 2 way satellite internet connection (DirecWay with a Motosat Datastorm antenna) and can stay in contact with my clients whereever I may be.  We have only cell phones, no land lines for several years now.

My administrative needs are minimal and I can handle them myself as I have for 31 years (bookkeeping, billing, taxes).  I do use a CPA for my tax returns.


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Mar 10, 2005
There are many people that "workcamp", or in other words they work in the office of campgrounds, mow the grass, etc. Compensation varies with the camp and areas. As I recall, several people here on the forum do this at various times of the year.


Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
What sort of "administrative" assistance did you have in mind?  We are "workampers" and our administrative needs are essentially zero.  Just a mail address to receive a Form 1099 and the usual IRS filing requirements.  Those who operate a business may have some additional needs, but probably none unique to RVing.

I've heard of people who did things like stuffing envelopes, document translation, proof reading, etc. from their RVs. Generally they were able to receive the input electronically (online) or by picking up shipments at a local post office or shipper (Fedex, Airborne, UPS) office.

Bob Buchanan

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Mar 3, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
Connie, I live, work, and travel full time in my Motor Home. I have programmed and market RV Park and/or Campground Reservation software.

I have a 2-way Internet satellite dish plus beefed up electrical in addition to my genset such as solar panels, extra batteries, and an inverter -- so am OK when the need for dry camping arises.

My computers are part of a wired and wi-fi network. This enables me to test and simulate networked systems in RV parks, plus allows me to be a hot spot for friends and family.

With a scanner and high speed laser printer, I can do copy work plus send and receive faxes.

I use only a cell phone -- and that coupled with the Internet dish, leaves me with little need for land line. With no roaming or long distance charges, cellular is an OK replacement for land line. Different carriers have better deals for different business travelers -- such as Nextel has a plan that doesn't charge for incoming calls. My help desk uses that to lessen charges from user calls.

Mail is not a problem. I have a PO box with UPS. I just go on the Internet and tell them were and when to send stuff. My only charge is the cost of mailing plus the cost of the box.

Doing taxes, and other administrative things are not a problem. More and more government agencies are going to the net to make things easier for us. My Rig and Jeep license plates became due last month -- so I jumped on the Internet and paid the fees -- and then received the tags via UPS forward.

There ARE times when it would be nice to have an office somewhere. I sometimes envy those with super high speed Internet lines and am not always that close to a Safeway, Wells Fargo, or a Fry's Electronics toy store -- but those are more than offset by the freedom of the lifestyle.
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