Would anyone be willing to review my ad? I want to sell my travel trailer

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Apr 14, 2013
Currently I live in Thailand and realize that I might not be back in the states for a couple of years.
I truly love my 2005 Alpenlite 26ft travel trailer.  I don't like the fact that letting it sit for a couple of years may deteriorate.

So I would appreciate some feedback on my ad maybe where else I can try to sell it other than  Craigslist which has turned out to be very frustrating trying to post.  My trailer is in Dayton, NV and the owner of the storage unit will show the trailer for me.

If anyone is willing to look just tell me how to post the link and I will

Thank you
Thanks for taking some time to look this over.
I'll be very interested in your comments.

Any other suggestions besides CL? CL is becoming very difficult.


I like the chatty style but the overall effect is tedious. It's too long, making it hard to find the salient facts (size, equipment, price, etc.). For example, the method you used to determine your price is not relevant and just adds three paragraphs of prose. Nor do you need to "sell" RVing to someone who is already shopping for one (i.e. reading your ad).

Just my opinion and worth every penny you paid for it!
I have to agree with Gary; Most buyers wouldn't bother to read the long story. Try reading ads posted by others to get a feel for what looks like an ad that might tempt someone to buy, or at least to look at your RV.
Also, try RV trader.com and RVT.com  It should go pretty quick. Also post an ad on here in the Items for sale section.

Thank you everyone for your comments.
I have to agree with everyone.  I have made a shorter version
with just the important info.  Yes I agree I am really giving it away at this price
but I don't want to miss this season.

What are you finding difficult about Craigslist?  I was originally a naysayer about it in my area (not a huge metropolitan population), but its popularity is growing and CG is how I ended up selling my motorhome last year.  I had it listed in 4 surrounding cities' CG sites, priced reasonably, and it sold in about 2 weeks.

In general, I agree that your ad text needs to be shortened A LOT.  Prospective online buyers are looking at a dozen different ads all at the same time, and want quick information.  You might lose a potential buyer who does not want to read through your whole story and pick out the relevant (to them) information.  You can give a detailed background once you get inquiries, but all that info is not needed up front.  I know it's part of the emotional process of selling, and there is a time to share all that... just gotta pick the right time.  ;)

Price will sell your trailer faster than anything.  It sounds like you have a price point that will accelerate your sale.

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