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Oct 13, 2006
Talk about diving in head first, I was just given a '77 Overland 30' Class A, and I'm fulltiming in it. It came without an owners manual, so I'm learning all the systems "the hard way". I have a background in auto repair, as well as computers and electronics, so the hands on stuff does not scare me at all. There is a lot less wood rot on this rig than I was led to expect from a unit of this age (right rear corner area, just about covering the outside wall of the closet). and the wiring, gas and plumbing all work (well the inside wiring, at least). I have moved it to an RV park about halfway between S.F. and Sacramento where I will be living in it at least until I get the repairs completed. I expect this rig to be my home for quite some time, and will be doing the repairs myself throughout the time I'm in it.

A few specs for those that are interested:
Maker: Overland (Mallard coach, IIRC)
Model: (unknown, Title shows it as a model HSRS)
LOA: 30'
Chassis: Dodge Powered by a 440ci V8
Construction: plywood, covered with aluminum siding
Type: Class A

Anything I forgot?


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Jan 29, 2005
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