Young-ish couple (late 30s) & dog will hit the road within the year

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Feb 17, 2013
My husband and I hope to begin full-timing within the year, and I am so grateful for the resources here. We've had an older Citation travel trailer on a piece of property near us for several years that we use for weekends, hunting, riding dirtbikes, etc and we have loved it. We are deciding now if we should further renovate it/get it road ready (just to get out there with minimal investment), or if we should buy something different (we are both handy/mechanical/crafty and are somewhat familiar with RV systems, having maintained, repaired or replaced systems on our TT).  Wow. We have so much to do!
Fair point. It's 28 feet, and no slideouts. In fact the central hall is mighty skinny!
I agree with seilebird 8). There are also a lot of factors with the trailer, How long has it just SAT still, How old are the tires. You will still have the same Q's with a differant RV as well. I understand the cost issue VERY well  ;D. Only you can be sure of the size and floor plan.  :)
We have towed it recently and done some of the road repairs (packed bearings, new tires, new brakes, etc) but we have never used it heavily/daily, other than while parked (we stay there virtually every night for about 6 weeks every fall).
Seilerbird, that's a great point about arguments, and one we have talked about.  I'd imagine even a big RV still feels pretty small during a squabble! Thanks for the feedback.
You've lived in it each of the past few years for six weeks at a time, right? Household systems all work, right? Continue finishing getting it road worthy and get out there! If in two months, six months, a year, it no longer suits your needs trade it in for "what you will then know" is what you need! On the other hand, if you aren't already each other's best friend, it won't matter what size the RV is!
Thanks Michael!  That's what we were thinking.  I think we will just get out there, and then make adjustments as necessary.
Conquest aka Robert said:
There are also a lot of factors with the trailer, How long has it just SAT still, How old are the tires. You will still have the same Q's with a differant RV as well. I understand the cost issue VERY well  ;D .

Trailers don't have an engine or drivetrain to deteriorate while sitting in one place, so getting a stationary trailer roadworthy isn't a money pit.  Check the tire age and condition and replace if needed.  Most trailer tires are relatively inexpensive compared to motorhome tires, so there's no reason to push your luck there.  Service the brakes, wheel bearings and suspension bushings and you're good to go.

And maybe replace the house battery if it hasn't been exercised, i.e. the rig has been on full time shore power.
Here's another thought.  Many fulltimers (not all) tend to prefer a motorhome instead of a trailer, the reason being that they're on the road more - traveling and seeing our great country.  What you have done with the trailer is quite different than living in it fulltime.  I agree that making it travel ready is a good start and using it will help you determine what you "really" need for the fulltime lifestyle.  RVers tend to be either "stayers" or "travelers".  The former are like you have been in the past only they may be in one area for a month or so at a time instead of just one place.  The latter want to go everywhere and see everything so they travel much more than the stayer group.  Only you two can decide which way you prefer, but that may help you decide on the mode in which you do it.

A lot of fulltimers prefer motorhomes because they're travelers.  Then comes the question of the type, Class A, Class B, or Class C.  Each have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your unique situation.  You have a lot of talking and planning to do!  ;)  Make various pros and cons lists which will help narrow your choices.  Also study the various topics in our RV Forum Library (see button above) which has a wealth of information based on years of RVing experience.

Have fun making your choices and enjoying your new lifestyle.

All great points!  We don't really know yet whether we will be "stayers" or "travelers."  I feel like everytime we have visited somewhere amazing (Yellowstone, the Tetons, the gulf, the Grand Canyon, etc) we ALWAYS felt rushed and wished we could experience more of a place.  So maybe that will make us stayers - who knows?

Our current TT set-up is so little commitment, and we may find after a while (and potentially after our aging dog dies) that we'd like to do more international travel.  Selling a big, expensive rig makes me terrified!  And going with what we have will keep our investment costs down.  Any RV we would buy is a depreciating asset, obviously, so this will keep our options open for as long as possible. 

Thanks so much for all of the feedback.  I am loving all the resources here.
Older RV's are also short on fresh water and holding tanks that become more important for full timing.
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