Zeppelin Bunk Beds - Size?

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Jul 12, 2006
We are in the final stages of determining which trailer to purchase.? This will be our first trailer so we are definitely newbies.? We have our list narrowed down to the Outback 29BHS and two Zeppelin models:? Z291 and Z303.

No one locally has these Zeppelin trailers in stock so we are hoping someone here wouldn't mind taking a minute to answer our questions.

We need to know the size of the bunk beds.? When we look at the floorplan for the Z303, we can see that the bunks overlap.? Our concern is that this might mean that the bunks are not each the standard length of 74 inches.? From the brochure, it looks like the end bunk is shorter.? Also, is the width a comfortable size?? The Outback's bunks are nice size and should easily fit an average adult.

If anyone has the Zeppelin 291, it would be helpful to know its bunk sizes, too.? The bottom double bed bunk has a corner cutout so that is a concern since it might make the bed too short for the person on the end.

We have five children and need to make every bed count.? Unfortunately, our trailer selection is limited by the fact that our van's towing capacity is only 6,600 pounds.?

Thank you for any help!? This is a difficult buying decision for us to make!

Skip and Donna


Jul 28, 2006
Beach Park, IL.

I love my '06 Z291 andt he bottom bunk is great. I took my 10 year old and 2 friends out once and they were all able to get in on the bottom. It's a very comfortable size for 2 adults as well. Downside... it's only 3" foam so you can tell that there is plywood under there. Not sure what you meant by the "cutout on bottom" as it's pretty square to me.

The full on top is nice but remember, unless you plan on reenforcing it, there's a 150lbs weight limit up there.

In a nutshell... here are the sizes of all the beds...

Top bunk - Twin
Bottom bunk - Full/Queen
Fold out couch - Queen (I think is the most comfy in the TT)
Table - Full
Master bed - Queen (albeit a short queen... I'm 6'8" and have to sleep diag)

Total MAX sleeping - 9
Most comfy for me - 7 (w/4 adults and 3 kids)
Have done - 5 kids and 2 adults as well with no issues

The 303 is wierd as the bunks do over lap. Although there is the nice entertainment center back there, in order for all to see the TV, they have to all lay under the over lap. It's awkward.

One thing nice about the 303, and you might want to consider this, is that the bathroom is NICE! Roomy and more standard layout. The Z291 is awkward. If you notice the toilet location in the Z291, the toilet faces the door which means that the shower is right behind you with no wall. (WEIRD! take a bit to get used to) There's also carpet next to the shower covering what's like a wheel well but it's actually the drain from the sink to the grey tank. Carpet next to a shower is beyond me, but I just ripped mine out and put vinyl down.

With your van having a top limit of 6600 lbs, the Outback may be a bit much. I was looking at the Outback's for a long time and realized my TV just couldn't do it. Way to heavy! (I have a 6500 limit) Although the Outback is a MUCH more zuperior quality (They don't have to skimp on wieght), the Zep is a nice alternative.

As for the 291 and 303 decision, you'll be happy with either one. I just went with the 291 cause the 303 would have been too long for my TV... the 291 pulls great!

Hope this helps!


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Dec 24, 2006
Discovery Bay, CA

If you pick up on this...how do you like your Zeppelin after having some time with it?  We're about to pull the trigger on a 303, and after reading that you like the way your 291 pulls with a 4.7L, I'm feeling much more confident pulling with a Dodge 1500 Hemi.

What more have you learned about the Zeppelin in terms of useability, towing, etc?

I'd really appreciate the perspective.


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