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Nov 6, 2005
has anyone heard of the Zinger TT from cross road? it is a brand (and manufacture) i have never heard of before. i think we have narrowed our search to three modles. the forest river Wildwood le 29BHSS, the keystone Springdale 298bhlgl or the zinger zt30bh. we are leaning toward the zinger, but am unsure of the quality of the unit.
any help would be greatly appreciated
gary and vikki
Can't say that I've ever heard of that one.  There are many regional brands of travel trailers - it's pretty easy to go into the travel trailer manufacturing business because all the components can be bought easily from the same suppliers the big outfits use. The rest is a fairly straight-forward job of welding, cabinet making, etc.

If you travel nationally, a regional brand may be a drawback because there may not be any dealers outside the home area. However, the components like water heaters and refrigerators can be serviced anywhere since they have a separate waranty from the applinace manufacturer.
Our daughter has the Forest River Wildwood and I've been impressed with it since she first bought it used. Can't speak for the others.
Like Gary said. 

My mantra is that a travel trailer is a simple fiberglass or aluminum sitting on top of a ladder frame on leaf sprung dead axles.  The box is filled with appliances all with their own warranties from the same manufacturers used by the entire industry:  Dometic, Suburban, Thetford, etc..  They come in two grades, vacation and full time use.  Most seem to be vacation trailers and they are entirely appropriate for that use.  Mine is still going after 10 years.

You will have some QC problems.  You can handle most of those problems with screwdriver, pliers, and a glue gun.

In short, do not sweat the details.  Find a floor plan you like and a price that looks good.

All that said, there is one thing to be careful about.  Be sure that your trailers weight is with in the ratings of your tow vehicle and be sure you buy a good weight distributing hitch and antisway system appropriate for the weight and tongue weight of the trailer.
During the shopping phase, we were in several Zingers included in RV shows. I liked them a lot, especially a 32 footer we saw with some features of a 37-40 footer. Like sliding glass door, full size fridge and kids bedroom slide. Don't remember the exact designation (we were in hundreds), but it was the model I wanted until we went to Jayco.

I looked a lot and found little in the way of reliability information for Zinger. Not the case with Jayco and you can see which way we went.

Good luck
The Zinger is a recent model by Crossroads. This model was introduced after Thor bought out the company. Thor restructured the entrire product line. This included the dropping of the Silverado line that competed too well with Montana. The Paradise Pointe line was enhanced to become the top model. The Zinger was added. Quality for the Silverado was good, now that Thor has bought them out I don't know since Thor is so bottom line happy. I would look at Crossroads again but do a lot of talking to techs at different dealers. The techs and service manager know the real story not the story put out bby the sales force.

From what I have seen and heard about Thor products I would not even consider one.  Why didn't somebody report trying to test drive a Thor product and couldn't even complete the test drive without parts falling apart? ??? ??? ???
thanks for all the info on the zinger. i have also heard many bad things about the thor line, so it looks like we are going to have to keep looking. right now we are looking at a roockwood TT, with 2 slides within the same weight ratting of most other trailers with one slide.
again thanks for all the info, this forum is a great resorce. and if anyone has any info on the rockwood line, i'm all ears.
gary and vikki
We've owned and lived in many brands of RV's. I have a different opinion than most RVers. Here 'tis.

We never buy a new unit; IMO it's better to let someone else handle the first few years' Quality Control and depreciation problems.? Our practice is to buy a 5-7 year-old unit that we've inspected thoroughly; never from a dealer. because, even though we love them, we just can't afford their profit.

We always buy a QUALITY unit. Our first criteria is the 6" wrap-around roof/wall transition. If it has that, we continue our inspection because that means (to us) that the manufacturer hasn't skimped on construction. And -- it will never leak at that transition. If the trailer uses the 1-1/2" angle transition, it's just a matter of time until it leaks there. I've fixed all the rain leaks that I want.

We've owned several Holiday Ramblers (we saw a 28' HR for sale in Rio Grande Valley yesterday). It has one mega-slide. The owner is asking $12k for it, and it appears in perfect condition. Let us know if you want us to get the phone number from the unit.

If you like warranties and don't mind hauling your rig to a dealer every time a faucet leaks, then this won't work for you, but if you're a retired craftsman who fixes his own minor problems, you can save thousands by buying used.

There! I said it. :-* :D
Zinger is a product produced by Cross Roads.  Cross Roads is owned by Thor, however, Cross Roads not Thor builds the Zinger.  When Thor purchases companies, they retain the management that has built that company.  Consequently, management styles among all Thor companies tend to be very different.  If someone has had a bad experience with a particular Thor product, for example Dutchmen, don't hold that against the other Thor companies like Airstream, Cross Roads or Keystone.  These companies are as different from each other as they are of Holiday Rambler, Coachmen and Fleetwood.  Each company within Thor has its own warranties, production procedures, quality control procedures, etc.  Anyways, goodluck with your shopping.
Any offers on the quality of the Paradise Point line? They seem to give much for the price. Good eye appeal. Any owners out there having any unuaual problems. In adavance thanks
bdusa1 said:
Any offers on the quality of the Paradise Point line? They seem to give much for the price. Good eye appeal. Any owners out there having any unuaual problems. In adavance thanks

There is a very active Crossroads forum at http://www.crossroadsrv.com/forum/.  They are very candid about the good and the not so good points of their 5ers so that may be a good place to get additional information on the Paradise Pointe 5ers.
The zinger 24 is the biggest piece of junk on the market. There is obviosly no quality control on this thing and if in the market for a trailer, look somewhere else. It sucks
Our first criteria is the 6" wrap-around roof/wall transition.

Can you explain what you mean by 6" wrap-around roof/wall transition?  I'm in the market for a TT & this sounds like good info to have.  Thanks
Ron said:
From what I have seen and heard about Thor products I would not even consider one.

Thor also owns Keystone which is the maker of the Everest line of fivers among quite a few other models. We've had an Everest since Nov 2005, and just upgraded to another Everest.

Personal opinion only here, but of all the different trailers I've been in, for the price, very few even come close to the quality. Montana's and Cougars are a couple others in the Keystone line, and I've yet heard anyone bad-mouth any of them. Sure, we all can and do have small issues on occasion, but then anything man-made is subject to the having issues.


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