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Apr 21, 2005
Auburn, CA or Reno, NV
I have a Verizon Hotspot, (that little box thingy)
I recently had my small 4G Verizon thingy deactivated and got a large 5G Verizon thingy on their unlimited plan. But I still have my antique PAYG 3G cell phone but now also have a 5G SmartPhone. 3G only was why I could not use my phone in the Everglades but could use my 4G Hotspot. They already removed all the 3G system stuff from that area. There is still a lot of 3G here in the west, but it will be going away fast.

I also stayed at the Charleston KOA. The one in Ladson, SC?

You most likely can send photos direct from your cell. Do you access this forum on your cellphone? You can also use the USB cable.

About the only thing I use my cell for is to activate the EV Charge Stations at some of the Wal*Marts for my Energica electric motorcycle. The Electrify-America charge stations do not use a card, unlike all the others. On my RV trips, I use a HP notebook computer running Windows 11.

-Don- Reno, NV


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Dec 3, 2017
Do you access this forum on your cellphone?
I can look at the forum on my phone, but I just use my laptop to type here.

I can't type on a phone very well, and I hate to text. My mother texts me novels. I don't know how she does it. hahah

I might play around with the picture thing tomorrow. I want to get one ocean sunrise picture blew up and put in a frame. That was what I wanted to share with you.

Mt Pleasant/Charleston KOA was the one we stayed at.

I found a kinda cool seashell too. At the beach inMaryland, there isn't many shells.

Down there it is better.

I would like to pick up rocks that a guy does stuff with and they showed on CBS Sunday morning today:

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