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Hot water pressure relief valve leaks

Does water continually drip from the pressure relief on your hot water tank? This could be due to the fact that you've lost the air pocket at the top of the tank. Here's the suggested method of replenishing the air pocket from Suburban Manufacturing Co. who make these products:

  • Turn off water heater.
  • Turn off cold water supply line.
  • Open a faucet in the RV.
  • Pull out the handle of the Pressure Relief (P & T) Valve and allow water to flow from the valve until it stops. CAUTION, allow some time for the water to cool!!!
  • Release handle on P & T Valve - it should snap closed.
  • Close faucet and turn on cold water supply; as the tank fills, the air pocket will develop.

Repeat this procedure as often as needed to reduce the frequency of the weeping of the P & T Valve. If the weeping persists after following this procedure, you may wish to consider the installation of an expansion or accumulator tank in the cold water line between the tank and check valve to relieve the pressure caused by thermal expansion.