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    RV water (possibly only the hot water) smells burnt all of a sudden.

    Had an ex-wife that could burn water, lost track of her years ago.
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    Added some drawers

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    Voltage in the frame?

    RV TECH INTERVIEW: Question 1: what is this? Answer: Screwdriver 2: Ya got One? Yep 3: Got any other tools? Yep, I can use my dad's 4: What is that? Camper it think. OK, can you start work today as a Technician? Yep, but I can only work till 3:00. No problem we're backed up with...
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    Finding parts for Dometic 57915.531 Air Conditioner

    Check a large RV dealership for their trash pile. I can usually find plenty of almost new dometic parts. Might as well get a replacement motor while your there. A little cash tip will help things along. Be sure to bring a small bag of tools. I am amazed at what I find in the heap of junk going...
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    Using bleach

    Now that I think about it, Beer, Wine, Rum, Scotch and tap water is the only liquids I put in the black tank. OF COURSE I pass it through me kidneys first for quality control. Haven't had a problem in some 25 years of camping. (Well occasionally I have noticed wobbly steps into the camper late...
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    What kinda roofing is this? (And how do I repair it)

    Rule # 1. No pressure washer on roof. Too much water pressure will lift the sealant around vents, edge of roofing, skylights and too many other places. Better to simply scrub , dry, then closely inspect every opening for tight seal.
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    Camping at Walmart

    Find a church with a large parking lot. I usually call the phone number listed and ask permission. Haven't been turned down yet. Sometimes electricity 20 amp is available by request.
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    Ghost living in my refrigerator

    My Norcold also made strange noises before I changed to a residential model. Just for fun it made real loud sounds when shot by my old trusty 357 pistol before it's trip to recycle the carcass. Really enjoy the new fridge with solid, cold ice cream on our trips. Reminds me of a story about...
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    Bless me, I left the black tank valve open twice... need help with the pyramid

    I did enjoy the stories of how the RV owner tried to clear the hard packed poop before calling me to come out and actually clean the tank. Even the blaster would not work on the bad ones once it became packed and dried.
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    Bless me, I left the black tank valve open twice... need help with the pyramid

    After the last hurricane quite a few folks new to campers had similar problems. My solution was to take a clear 90 degree fitting for the sewer hose, drill a hole in the curve that will allow a cheap water hose to slide through and into the tank. Connect to your existing drain hose to the 90...
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    Tow Hitch Security Idea

    Since I had nothing to do I remembered this: A burglar broke into a house one night. He shined his flashlight around, looking for valuables when a voice in the dark said, "Jesus knows you're here." He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked his flashlight off, and froze. When he heard nothing...
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    Post a joke

    NO OVERTIME EVER: I am a RV service advisor: TOO many folks to piss off during a 8 hour day. I just will not work past 4 o'clock to feed my ego.
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    Post a joke

    63 gallons non E @ $4.99 for the boat 47 gallons [email protected] $7.10 for the airplane 53 gallons diesel @ $3.99 for the truck 1 gallon gas for the weed-eater $4.99 1 gallon of milk $ 3.29 1 gallon of bottled water $1.59 All of that in one week...The gallons are killing me!
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    Post a joke

    How fast? I can review my front/rear camera with GPS for that exact figure. What did you get?
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    Post a joke

    Most days the microwave has better programs than the TV. 250 channels of nothing but garbage and I keep paying for it every month!
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