0: DARK : 30 Tomorrow. On the road again for Yuma AZ from Iowa.

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Tom Hoffman

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Mar 1, 2013
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This will be our 5 year making the Trip. 

Love the part from Tucumcari down through the Tularosa on the way to Las Cruces. 

We will be on the road on Thanksgiving.

We wish you all a nice Holiday.

Tom &  Vonice
We left November 3 on our 10th annual trip toward Arizona.  We havent traveled as fast as we have in other years and are currently in Las Cruces.  We will probably be in Arizona in another week or two.
Have a safe trip and Happy Holidays!
This Iowan arrived back to Iowa last Thursday, staying here until after Christmas. Then we will head to CA, driving the Jeep Grand Cherokee (confortable), pick up the motorhome, then head to Death Valley Stovepipe Wells area for a week before meeting up with the RVForum group in Quartzsite. I admit I like staying around for Thanksgiving, grandkid?s birthdays, and Christmas. But too much Iowa snow drives me southwest!
Oh how this Almost Iowan wishes he could join you. However it's mandated that we can't leave until after Christmas. And I have a gig to play on New Years Eve so it will be the 1st or 2nd before we can get on the road to Arizona.

Where are you staying in Yuma?
We did our Thasgiving and Christmas last Saturday and we should have done it the first Sat of Nov.

We stay at the Oasis Garden RV Park.

Ours TT is the one next to the Pool and Cactus Garden.  Note the real grass and shade tree in the back (west)
end of the TT.



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Looks nice.  We will spend January boondocking in the desert then February into March at Fortuna del oro in Yuma. Will have to drive by and check out Oasis Garden.


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