08 Fleetwood Excursion 40E Heater cable question & a few others

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Aug 31, 2018
Was Abington PA, Now where we park
This is a new to us unit where I cannot get heat from the dash/floor vents.
When I rotate the temp dial and reach under the dash, I can feel the cable housing moving back and forth.
Is that supposed to happen or is the sheath stationary and an inner cable move?
Also, I could not locate where it terminated under the dash. Any ideas?

On another note, we will be storing the rig until spring. The house batteries are shot. What are your opinions - should I replace them now or wait til spring?
I'll be going every month to run the genny and start the engine. How long should they be run?
Should I park it with a full tank of diesel? What about fuel additives?
Thanks in advance
Ike, Sheila & Adam the aging fur kid
I can't help with the cable, but I wouldn't start the engine unless I were going to drive the coach for at least 30 minutes and get it thoroughly warmed up -- you can't do that sitting still. It should sit there just fine without running for several months. On the other hand, running the generator  every month under a load is an excellent idea, since it helps to minimize moisture buildup and corrosion in the generator internals.

A full tank of diesel is an excellent idea, since it minimized the chance of moisture condensing in the tank.
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