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Jan 29, 2007
Hi Everyone,

Well my wife and I are moving up to a 22' travel trailer from a popup this spring and we can hardly wait!  Anyhow, doing some research on what I am going to put into the unit and was thinking about an LCD tv.  Something in the 15 - 19" range.  Anyhow, I noticed that most of the mainstream units (LG, Toshiba, etc.) have 16v DC input requirements.  I am not certain if that is the max voltage and if it would be happy with 12v and change.  I know that an inverter is an option, but was hoping to avoid the loss in using one (and possibly the noise or incompatibilies with them).  Does anyone out there know of a "mainstream" LCD TV that will run on 12v?  We mostly dry camp, so every watt counts :)

Many thanks,

I do know they make 12vdc TV's,  They also make a 12vdc to 16vdc converter (this is usually  better than an inverter) I have one hanging from my lighter socket as I type, it's powering my computer (And now you know where to find them) run about 100 bucks more or less  They are more efficent than inverting up to 120 and converting  back go 16VDC. and since they do not convert to 60HZ (They do invert, but to a higher frequency) it's easier to filter so they give a cleaner output.  This one does not affect televisions or radios nearby so I think it's clean RF wise as well. (Neither of my 12vdc to 16 volt adapters do)  It does a great job of powering this Thinkpad though.

As for running a 16 volt off 12 volt (Really 13.6 if everything is working well) Should work, but no guarentee  Most equipment can take power +/- 20% so a 16 volt TV should work from 13-19 volts, but I have some stuff that is very particular,,, For example I have a six volt device from SONY that works great on six volts, but it rejects 5.9 or 6.1  When they say six volts, THEY MEAN IT!
We bought a Sanyo Vizon (aka Vizzon) 15-inch LCD TV at Walmart to mount on the wall of our MH's bedroom.  We use it with 120v AC, but I just checked the power adaptor that it uses and the output into the TV is 12v DC, 3.4 amps.

I bought a removable wall-mount for the MH.  We use it in the bedroom at home and then hang it from the wall-mount in the RV's bedroom when we go camping.
Welcome to the RV Forum, Darryl !  Where in the Maritimes are you located?  Hope you find the RV Forum helpful; 

ve1hup said:
Hi Everyone, Does anyone out there know of a "mainstream" LCD TV that will run on 12v?  We mostly dry camp, so every watt counts :)

Many thanks,


Hi Darryl,

I may have just the info you're looking for!  ;D

Someone on one of the forums found a sale on a Polaroid 15" LCD TV a while back and we picked one up.  While we haven't used it in the mh yet, we are quite happy with it.

It is a Polaroid FLM-1514B, 15" LCD, 120vac, plus 9.5 to 12v DC.  You will have to purchase a power cord for the DC from Radio Shack or some such as it doesn't come with one.  If you are looking at one the DC power plug is inside the cover on the right edge as you are looking at it from the back.

It comes with a stand for sitting on a table, you could probably get a wall mount to put it on also although I haven't pursued that yet.

If you do a google for the make and model you will find some hits ... looks like Circuit City has it on sale currently for $189, I think regular price is something like $260.  Website says fee shipping on orders $24 and up.

Hopefully the following link will take you there, if not go to Circuit City and do a search for the Polaroid FLM-1514b.




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