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Mar 2, 2005
SIERRA VISTA, AZ or on the road.
The Sierra Vista newspaper just published a 55 year review.  The town was 18 months past its incorporation and the reactivation of Fort Huachuca.  It has some interisting facts:

President: Eisenhower
VP: Nixon
Population:  166 million [nation]
Life expectancy: 69.6 years
Homicide rate: [per 100,000]: 4.5

The Millionaire premiered
The President was the first to have a TV new conferance
The President sent the first troups [advisors] to South Vietnam
Elvis made his first TV appearance
Ray Kroc started McDonald's
Congress ordered alll US coins to say, "In God We Trust."
Nuclear test in Nevada
Nuclear test in Pacific Ocean
Supreme Court ordered school intergration
Mickey Mantle hit # 100
"Lady and the Tramp" was released
"Lawrence Welk Show" premiered
Disneyland opened
President raised the minumum wage from .75 cents to $1.00.
President had a heart attack

There is more - but that is enough.
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