1990 Fleetwood (chevy chassis) towing 28 foot box

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Aug 19, 2006
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Need some help in outfitting this 35' unit to tow a 28 foot box containg my dragster and tools. Trailer is about 7000 loaded, so I am dead-on the max weight this puppy can handle. Already have to replace the front air bags and might have to do the same with the rear too, not sure yet. I know where I can obtain a heavier Class V hitch and thinking about going with an equalizer unit too. Just looking for any other suggestions. Thanks.
I suspect that 7000 lbs is well over the tow capacity of your motorhome.  It sounds as though you have the Chevrolet P30 chassis and I doubt if the GCWR is even as much as 20,000 lbs. Do you have the GCWR for this motorhome and also the actual weight as it is loaded for travel? I'm guessing a 1990 35 footer probably weighs in around 16,000 lbs.

If I remember correctly, this chassis usually came with a 4000 lb hitch. You would need a heavier duty hitch, but you will probably also need to beef up the rear frame extension to handle it.  Most of those vintage rigs have rather flimsy extensions welded or bolted to the end of the base P30 chassis to carry the back end of a lnger motorhome and a hitch.

I suspect you are also going to be disappointed in the performance with a heavy trailer behind.
When they beefed up(welded)  the hitch on our Pace Arrow the guy from the trailer sales was there and asked if wanted to know if I was going to tow a Sherman Tank.    The welding company told him that as a friend of mine, he promised to give the best hitch he  could think of  Good thing I've got the Banks Pak or I might not be able to move it.  Best hitch I've seen.

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