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old joe

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Dec 28, 2012
this unit has 28000 miles with 460 ford,what are the problems with this unit.would it make a full timers 1st unit ok.thanks old joe.
Suspect some of the folks that have knowledge of this unit and the full-time lifestyle may have missed this post.  Hopefully they'll see my post and provide additional feedback.  If you are more specific, you will likely get more responses.  It would be helpful to know what part of the country you plan on traveling to.  For example, will you be driving in the mountain states or the midwest plains. Do you plan on towing a second vehicle or toad, as they're referred to?  Do you have any information on how the unit was maintained/serviced by the previous owner(s).     
I'm kind of curious Gary.  What do you mean a "gas hog"?  Aren't all MHs "gas hogs"?  I average about 7mpg when towing my Honda Fit.  I don't complain because it seems to be the "nature of the beast"; but I consider my MH as being in the "gas hog" catagory.
In 1990 we purchased a new Superchief and I really enjoyed our travels in it, I think one or two people could full time in a Superchief.
Is the one you are talking about already owned by you or one you are looking to purchase? 
I got out my 1990 Superchief brochure and could not find a 36? model.  Model close to 36? is the model 34RA, which is 33?8?, the next larger model is the tag axle 40RQ at 39?10? on an OshKosh chassis.
Regards, Dick
28,000 is very low mileage for a 1990 rig... and that may not really be a good thing.  I'd take a well-used RV that has been regularly maintained, compared to something with low mileage that has spent most of its life sitting in a driveway/barn/field.  Finding out the history of that MH would be key to knowing what problems may exist or arise.

There was 2 class A chassis with the Ford 460 in 1990.

1: Oshkosh chassis with C6 3 speed transmission and no over drive. Will turn about 3000RPM at 60 MPH. It will also have a carburetor and get very poor fuel mileage. Before other Oshkosh owners chime in about their fuel injected Oshkosh chassis. Oshkosh did use a fuel injected 460 in 1991. I think the Oshkosh chassis is rated for 18000 lbs and has 19.5" tires. At 36' it really should have a tag axle.

2: Ford F53 chassis with E4OD over drive transmission. Will turn about 2500RPM at 60 MPH. Will be fuel injected and get better fuel mileage then the Oshkosh chassis. At 36', the F53 chassis should have a tag axle, or it will have almost no cargo carrying capacity and you will be over loading the 16" tire that come with that chassis.  maximum weight of a non-tag axle F53 is 17000 lbs. Add 3000 lbs. for the tag axle.

With todays great running fuel injected gas engines, I would never consider owning a carbureted gas engine again.

I agree ;D ;D  The 2 things that was a must have on my last purchase was OD, and injected. And it has paid off so far. The run much smoother down the road and much better mpg.
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