1991 Toyota Itasca Spirit

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Jan 3, 2007
Hello. This is my first time here. I have been an RV owner for several months and have enjoyed it immensely. The parks have been great with the fine people I have had the privilege to meet.

This upcoming season will be most interesting. My wife and I have intentions of seeing a lot more of the surrounding states such as Ohio (Huston Woods State Park), Tennessee (Big Ridge SP), Hot Springs NC, Chimney Rock NC, etc.

I have encountered my first problem with my older RV. I had one of the original air ride suspension bags to rupture. Does anyone know where to buy a replacement without having to buy a complete new system. The Toyota has only 33K and is in as new condition. I would replace the whole system if needed but a new set of bags would be much easier not to mention economical.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am a retired Marine and worked on the F-4 Phantom for 21 years. So if you ever need any info on your GE J79-8 or 10B Turbojet engine, I will gladly return the favor. ;)
I'm not familiar with the suspension on that motorhome, but often there's an air bag inside each of the front coils. If so, Camping World sells some makes/models. Another place to check is our list of parts vendors.
Toyota had an air suspension in the Soarer back then, but I don't think any standard Toyota truck chassis had one. Therefore I suspect that the air suspension was an assist added by Itasca. Perhaps a Firestone kit???  See if you can identify the suspension type and make, e.g. is it springs + air or air only?  Leaf springs or coil?  Air bags in coil spring or alongside somewhere? Air bags in rear only or both front and rear? My guess is that it has air bags in addition to a standard Toyota spring suspension and therefore the bags are likely available as an aftermarket product if the correct make and type can be identified.
Thanks. I fired off an email to the factory with my ID numbers to see if they can direct me to a supplier. Hopefully the bags were used on other MH with air ride assist and still available. I think they may be Firestone from the way they are designed, I found my TV cable hookup also. So every cloud has a silver lining.
Just a note for future reference.

The air suspension was supplied by 3T RV Supply, Lake Havasu City AZ. Now if replacement bags are available and sold seperately from the kits?
Friends I must say I am overwhelmed with the service of 3Ts suspension specialist of Lake Havasu AZ.

I emailed this company about my busted bag (no jokes please) and even on a old MH like mine they offered the parts I needed. Some design changes since original manufacture so, they threw the whole kit in for the price of the replacement bag. Shipped same day, and get this. A sincere apology for the failure of their 15 year old product.

Is this normal in the RV industry?
Unusual, perhaps, but there are other companies in the RV industry that stand behind their products for a long time.  Fantastic Fan company is one that's well known for offering replacement parts at no charge for as long as you own their products.  Blue Ox has rebuilt and even replaced our tow bar over the 10 years that we've owned it and never charged us a dime.

If only the RV manufacturers would offer such customer service :(
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