1998 Itasca Suncruiser hot water

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May 15, 2019
I have an itasca suncruiser and I replaced the hot water tank a few days ago. I filled the tank with water and turned on the hot water heater and the water in the tank gets hot and the burner turns off when it gets to temp but when I turn the hot water faucet on in the rv only cold water comes out. Any ideas????
First, welcome to the forum.
Sounds like your bypass valves are not positioned correctly. How many valves do you have on the piping behind the water heater?  That would be on the bottom pipe (inlet), the top pipe (outlet) and the cross over pipe (the line which runs from both pipes).
I have one valve behind the water heater. If I turn it the other way no water comes out of the hot water faucet
It would seem that you have a defective check valve in the output of the tank (or one oriented for the wrong direction). Did you install a new one by any chance??
While I would agree that the check valve is likely the problem.

However you may also want to check any of the shower fixtures with shutoff on the shower-head and make sure the faucet handles are shut off and not just the shut off button.

Michael0612 said:
I have one valve behind the water heater. If I turn it the other way no water comes out of the hot water faucet
When you position the valve so you get water but it's cold, it's because you are bypassing the heater.
When you rotate that valve what you're doing is sending cold water into the bottom of the heater and it should come out the top hot but if the check valve is bad, it won't allow much water to exit the tank. The check valve is on the outlet of the tank which is the top pipe.
Remove it and try knocking out the internals then put it back in. If you're in an area where winterizing is necessary, then you'll need to get a new check valve. If winterizing is not needed, just leave the existing check valve in without the internals.
Only the XT models have a mixing valve, and I don't think they existed in 1998. Is the new heater the same model as the old one, or one of the newer XT models?
Rene T said:
An electrical switch???? or do you mean a valve.
I see the op fixed his problem.

Mine has two bypass switches below the fridge. One for bypassing the water heater and one for bypassing the fresh water tank and putting the antifreeze tank on line for winterizing.

Had to label mine for on and off after the lights in the switch quit working...
Michael0612 said:
I replaced the check valve and it works great. Thanks for the insight!

Thanks for the followup...Glad you got it figured out.

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