1999 gulf stream, roof leak

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Oct 20, 2012
After extra heavy wind and rain I discovered a leak at the front joint on my MH. I have dried, cleaned and have a temporary fix. I am not satisfied with the dicor self leveling lap joint sealent. It looks like crap, and it has loosened the rubber roofing near the joint. I am fully capable of doing this repair but I am looking for what might be the best lap joint sealent to use once the weather is more cooperative. I also have some of the lap joint tape is this a good choice? Thank You.
Many on this site recommend the Eternabond tape. It is an apply once and forget product. I did all the seams on my roof just as a preventative measure.

The roof is EPDM rubber? I can't imagine the Dicor loosening it. Did somebody perhaps use mineral spirits or other petroleum-base solvent to clean the seam before laying down the Dicor? Most any petroleum-base solvent will loosen the adhesive used on EPDM if applied with more than a dampened cloth. The EPDM is porous enough that the solvent penetrates and loosens the adhesive underneath. The competitive brand of RV lap sealant is Alpha Systems #1015 Self Leveling, but there are many other brands as well, e.g. Nova, Nu-flex, etc.

The alternative to lap sealant is Eternabond tape, a truly excellent product. It's available in white to match the roof too. Comes in widths from 2" to 24".
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