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Jan 19, 2013
I have an Allison 6- speed Transmission the park brake stuck and would not release while on a trip. I had it disconnected and used chocks when I stopped. Did anyone else ever have this problem? if so what was the cure? I would like to ask ALLISONMAN but do not know to contact him on this forum so I would also appreciate and advise as to how I may contact him.
My RV is a 1999 Winnebago vectra with a GM 454 engine.
Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.
I am a Private Investigator (Retired) but if I can be of service to any member please ask.
Hi John:
I'm not sure if it is called a "Workhorse P30" but it is Freightliner chassis.
Thank you for your response.
So a Freightliner chassis.  The reason I asked about a P30 chassis is they are notorious for auto-park brake failures. Give Freightliner a call next week if nobody here has any idea, those guys on the phone are pretty good.
What I think you have is a chevrolet P-12 chassis with a 454 engine and an allison 4-speed transmission. That's what the 1999 vectras were built on. The transmission has a drum brake on the tailshaft of the transmission that gives some owners fits. It can lock up the drivetrain at just about any time. Most of the time it will malfunction at the worst time, personal experience. You can get it fixed at a competent truck repair shop, possibly a workhorse service shop.
Good Luck,
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I don't know of any Freightliner chassis with a 454 Chevrolet engine - the Freightliner would be a diesel. However, there are no 454's with an Allison 6-speed either - those transmissions (there are multiple models with 6 speeds) are used with diesel engines. The Vectras of that era were available on either a gas chassis (Chevy 454) or a Freightliner 5.9L Cummins diesel, but at this point it is unclear which one you have. The steering wheel should give a definitive answer - it should say either Freightliner or Workhorse (for the Chevrolet engine).

Or you may have a P12 chassis with a 454 engine and a 4 speed Allison - there are a few of those around too.

Could you supply the chassis VIN so we can figure out what chassis you have? It makes a difference in the answer to your question.
i have a 2000 Winnie Brave on a workhorse chassis.  My Auto Park Brake failed last year on my way to Quartzsite.  it seems the cable between the oil reservoir and the brake cylinder failed leaking oil all over my brake linings and locking up the brakes while in motion. As you probably know, these brakes on engaged while in "park" and held open hydraulically while in motion.  Much Smoke, three visits to repair shop resulted in new cable and new brake shoes.
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