2 lines - 1 downrigger.

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Sep 28, 2005
Was wondering who out there will hook up 2 poles/lines to one downrigger.  I tried it a few trips ago and got tangled up a few times and had to cut both lines.  I kept the 1st pole connected to the main weight (at the bottom of the cable) and moved up 3' or so and atteched the 2nd. line.  Any suggestions?  Does this sound right.  I have asked around and no one I have talked to will use more than one pole per downrigger...but I know it is done.  Thanks
When you figure it out, let me know  ;D  I'm in the 1 pole per downrigger camp.

Where are you fishing that you need a downrigger?
I was at Yosemite Lake in Merced.  Little lake and only about 40' deep.  Used the d.r. to get around 12' down where all the little rainbows were.  I am liking the d.r. thing the more I use them.  Since I can't cath squat in the Delta I have been hitting the lakes lately (Yosemite lake, New Melones, Don Pedro).
H20 Thanks...I figured that was my problem.  I will try more distance betweeen the two lines next time out
FX, OK thanks, I figured you must be fishing one or more lakes.
Lotza ways to do it and NOT get tangled.......I often run 2 poles per rigger with 2 lures per pole.  Some of the questions that must be answered are as follows:  (1)  Fixed or moveable "sliders".  (2)  Amount of vertical seperation.  (3)  Use of a Dipsy Diver.  (4)  Use of rubber band release.  (5)  Long line or short stack?  Since this is a rather old post, I really do not expect a reply.  If, however, I see action in the form of a response, I can elaborate more on any procedure.  A bit of background, I am an long time Lake Ontario fisherman, guided for a while, fish light tackle a lot.  Nothing is more exciting than a 20# "steelie" or "brownie" on 6# line.......My personnal best is a 37# chinook on 6# line....Boy, whatta blast!!!!!!!!!
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