2001 Winnebago Brave 33v

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Jan 7, 2013
Wife and I are looking to buy a 2001 Winnebago Brave 33v with 40,000 miles. This is my 2nd motorhome and this one will be used for short travels to BBQ Competitions. What are the goods and bads with this model of Winnebago. Seems to be in great shape we are having a full inspection done before purchase. Just looking to see what other folks expernce are with it.

Thanks for the help. Great forum..
You shouldn't have any problems. We have a 1999 Brave 35C and a 20003 Adventurer 38B. We have the Brave set up for handicap use with a hospital bed and entry lift and Hoyer lift in the bedroom. We enjoy both motor homes and can take our 29 year old quadriplegic son anywhere we want. We have 103,000 miles on the Brave and 38,000 miles on the Adventurer, both on the F-53 chassis.
We had a 2002 Brave 32V with 2 slides. Really liked most everything about it except the ride. We had the Ford chassis and had a rough ride from day 1. I tried shocks and air bags to no avail. Replaced tires with Goodyear's and it actually got worse. We did however drive it across country from Georgia to Montana and had a wonderful time.

Loved the coach so much that I wish now that I would have invested in the Kelderman air suspension system and kept the Brave.



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Thanks for the quick response guys..  Once I pull the trigger on it will post my thoughts

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