2003 Winnebago Adventurer 35u Heater problem.

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AL G man

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Aug 20, 2019
When I am either shore power or gen set, both heaters come on.
Heat pump and LP furnace.
I don't need it now, but it was an issue from last winter.
Only used the motor home a few times last winter, and it was ok, until the last time I used it then the problem showed up.
Its not a big deal. I knew it wasn't right for both to be operating at the same time, since they are separate units.
The thermostat has electric heat or gas heat selection...

I am thinking the thermostat switch is messed up.
Just wanted other opinions before I throw $160 away on a new thermostat I don't need.



Some models of the  Coleman Thermostats used with the basement air units permit the functioning of both electric and propane heaters at the same time despite the electric heat being selected. This usually occurs when the the heat pump (electric heat) is unable to raise the temperature in the unit quickly enough to satisfy the thermostat. This is usually happens when the outside air temperature is in the low to mid thirty temperature range where the majority of RV heat pumps (unlike a home heat pump) are no longer efficient enough.

Other models of an identical looking thermostat (like mine) do not allow both to run at the same time when trying to satisfy the thermostat. Mine simply cuts off the heat pump operation and starts the furnace despite the electric heat selection on the thermostat itself.

Careful reading of the thermostat documentation flow charts will reveal this for the various sub models of the thermostat. And Yes, they are not cheap!!!
If your set temperature is 4 degrees above the actual room temperature,  both electric and gas work. This is normal operation with the Winnebago thermostat. Once the room temperature warms to set temperature, subsequent cycles will use the heat pump.  If the heat pump is unable to attain the set temperature  within a certain amount of time, the thermostat will bring the furnace in to help.

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