2003 Winnebago Adventurer battery hook up

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Sep 11, 2018
Hello everyone!

I have the above described RV and would like to know which cable goes where for the two house batteries (12 volt ). I purchased this used and seem to have an extra cable compared to Winnebago schematics. There is actually one for each positive on each house battery (not including the jumper). Maybe I can attach a video describing how it is hooked up.  Thanks.

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Two 12v deep cycle batteries SHOULD be wired in parallel...requiring (at a minimum) one RED hot + connection, one BLACK - connection, and one jumper for each + and -. (the jumper and main cables may be either individual parts, or one longer cable with terminal connections in the middle and end.)
Your connection should (probably) look like this:

http://rvbasics.com/techtips/RV-batteries-series-parallel.html (2nd graphic is for parallel)

Photos of your battery compartment and components will help. This is something you DO NOT want to get wrong.

Hmmmm...the video seems not to have attached. Tomorrow i will take stills of the battery box empty and with connections made.

Im not sure if your 2003 is the same as my 2000 37g Adventurer was. My coach had three batteries under the entry step. The two on the left were the house batteries. They connected to the one red wire, and the one black wire. Jumpers ran from one battery to the other, making a parallel circuit to maintain 12 volts. The battery on the right was the engine cranking battery. The other red wire, and black wire went to it. If you have room for three batteries, two house batteries, and one engine cranking battery, this is my guess. I would be surprised if your coach only had one house battery. The two house batteries should be deep cycle, and the cranking battery should be a normal cranking battery with fairly high cold cranking amps. Somewhere around 8 or 900.
The problem has been figured out. I was able to trace the wiring schematic for the battery/relay/isolation post. Had one connected to the battery instead of the isolation post.

Winnebago's schematics are strictly black and white with a an overlap of wires that make it really hard to trace. Had to zoom in like crazy to see one chassis positive connection to the chassis box from the iso. stud.

Looking forward to connecting up some solar cells next.

Thanks for the help!


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