2004 minnie winnie spare tire

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Aug 1, 2006
I just purchased a 2004 24' Minnie Winnie slider and noticed it did not have a spare.  I called the dealer and Winnebago to ask if the tire was underneath the coach and the dealer didn't confirm but Winnebago did.  Could someone else confirm that.  The dealership is too far for me to go check.  Thanks.
Just look underneath the chassis and if there is a spare, it will be apparent.  Our 1997 Freightliner chassis has the spare mounted underneath and there is a crank used to drop it when needed.
On that year model it should be under the chassis.  The newer 05 and 06's Winnebago's have a compartment accessed from the outside under the BED and store the Spare there.  FYI
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