2004 Open Road 36' Fifth Wheel - Is it a good deal?

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Jun 14, 2005
Hello Folks- Lots of great information on these forums.

I found what seems to be a good deal on a 5th wheel today (I just happened to spot it on my way to work) and wanted to get a feel as to wether this constitutes a "great deal" or just a so-so deal.

It is an Open Road 5th, 36.5 ft, 2004, used for 6 mos while the owner was building his house. (this is the three slideout). It is said to be in as-new condition (and I would expect so, given it's age).

He has an asking price of $33K and says that he paid $48K for it new in 2004.

I have not yet seen the inside of it yet (I will this weekend) so I don't yet know the exact model#. I do know from speaking with the owner that the only thing it seems NOT to have, is a gen set.

I am not too familiar with Open Road as a brand, so any inputs regarding known "trouble spots" or things specific to Open Road trailers that I should be extra critical of during my inspection, would be much appreciated as well.


When I was looking at motorhomes and 5th wheels two years ago I could have bought a 32' 5th wheel made by same company that makes Dutch Star for $34,000. It was very lavish and fully decked out with 3 slides.
Cehck the NADA webside (www.nada.com) and enter all info U have. It will give you the value of it.
There is no info for any Open Road products in the NADA guide.

Anyone else with any input on this trailer?
Open Road is a brand name of Pilgrim International - look under "P" for Pilgrim in the NADA Guide and you will find them listed.

Trailers rarely come with gen sets, though some are wired for them and some people add them on.  Most who want one carry it in the truck and just plug the trailer power cord into it when needed.

I've never heard any bad reports on Open Road and I hear a lot of reports because I am active on two RV web sites.


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