2004 Prowler Slideout

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Jul 28, 2010
I just purchased a 2004 Prowler 33z LE at a salvage auction.  Damage was listed as "roof" but the slideout is leaking.  Seems to only be leaking when closed.  When the slideout is closed the floor of the slideout is up so I dont think the slideout is aligned properly.  Not sure if this is something I want to tackle or if I should take it to the pros.  If so.....anyone know a reputable shop in and around the Lehigh Valley, PA area??
Did you get any indication as to how the RV was damaged?  Roll over, collision, etc,...?

It could be nothing more than a damaged/misaligned seal.  More info and/or pics of where the leak seems to be might help.
A different seal comes into play when the slide is closed - it is the "D" shaped rubber on the inner side of the flange that closes against the outer trailer wall. If that is missing or damaged, it won't seal when closed.

Not quite sure what you mean about the slide floor being "up".  It would normally be above the trailer floor level when its in. Could you explain further?
The floor being "up" is that it feels it is leaning and if you step on the front of the slide when it is closed you can feel it pull "down" like its out of adjustment.  Unfortunately when you buy these salvage trailers you get no previous indication as to what the damage was.  Its always been self explanatory.  Im thinking either a bad seal or misalgined.  I need to hook up to it and go empty the tanks it was hauled away with waste in the tanks and I dont want that freezing over the winter.  When I do, I'm going to do more inspection of the seals.  The day I brought it home it was right as hurricane sandy was hitting so I tarped it and ran for cover. 
The slide floor should be level when "in" and shouldn't rock either.  Mechanisms vary, but usually there are a couple rollers or slippery pads that support the floor as it comes in. Maybe one or more is gone?  Or could be alignment, I suppose, at least for some types of slide mechanisms. I don't know what brand of slide mechanism is in your Prowler - you might try to figure that out as the first step towards repair. Common brands of rack & pinion gear slides are Power Gear, HWH and Lippert.  Some are hydraulic, too.
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