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Apr 17, 2006
Hi, we are thinking of buying a 2006 Fleetwood Tioga SL, 10 cyl, Ford E-450.? It is for my wife and I, and our 3 kids, the baby is almost a year and our other 2 boys are 9 and 14.? Can anybody give me any information or opinions on this class C?? It is our first time buying, we have been to the RV shows and many dealers, and honestly, we like the floorplan on this the best.? It is in the lot and we could have it woth a couple weeks, which means no special orders.? It seems like it's a good model, but we would just like some other opinions.? We have also researched othe brands such as Georgetown and Coachman, as well as some class A's, but we haven't found everything we wanted until we came across this Tioga.? Any advice??? Thanks in advance!!? ? ;D
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