2006 Gulfstream Friendship - PRICE ?

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Apr 25, 2005

Ive just had the chance (well, Im 99% sure Ive just had the chance), to buy a 2006 Gulfstream Friendship 8011.

Is it possible for you more experienced guys to take a look at the model and give some feedback ?

Here are some of the details :-

G7 - Model 8411

[text removed - see reply 3]

Now, Ive been quoted a Retail Price of around $250k for this model - and I believe I can have it for $135k !!

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):? 4UZAAHCY15CU38836

What are your thoughts guys ??



PS - I need to move pretty fast to get it.

I cannot recommend Gulfstream based on problems a friend has had with their Tourmaster they bought new.  They are either in aor about to be in a legal battle to get this resolved.  This has been a real nightmare for our friends.

I know nothing about Gulfstream, so I can't say anything about the coach itself. If in fact the MSRP is $250K, then $135K would sound like a heck of a good deal, almost too good to be true. Make sure you're comparing apples with apples. Have you seen the sticker price for this coach, not another one that might have different options?
Thanks for those very quick replies gentlemen.

I did say it was 99% and not 100% certain, didnt I !!!

In the time between posting my question and doing some research, Ive found the "offer" to be a SCAM.

I thought I would give ebay a try - and went to $135k for the RV - with 2 people bidding higher than me.

At the close of the auction, I received an official-looking ebay email stating that the 2 highest bidders had either pulled out or had been listed as a security risk by ebay.

As such, the seller was offering me the chance to buy the RV at my highest bidding price ($135k).

Thinking this was a bit too good of a deal, I posted my question on here and also contacted the seller using 2 email addresses available for them.

They have just returned my mail stating that they had not sent the "offer" and also stating that several of the bidders on their RVs had received such bogus emails, trying to steal their cash.

I do wonder why they are still using ebay if this is repeatedly happening to their prospective clients - its not exactly good for business is it ?

So, there you have it - the deal was too good to be true, but thankfully I was able to sort it in an hour or so.




Dont worry - it was done.

It is only when something like this happens, that you look thru the various forums on ebay and discover just how serious the problem is.

I tend to be pretty cautious myself, but I wonder just how many people do actually get sucked into these things.


Just remember - if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
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