2008 Fleetwood Bounder with twin Coleman Roof Air

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Jan 2, 2016
Both units are thermostat controlled.  EXAMPLE: Roof Air #1 Inside temp 80, thermostat set to 76, Roof Air #2 Inside temp 82, thermostat set at 78.
They both come on and run but neither one is cooling the unit. Seems longer they run the hotter it gets inside the RV. In the beginning can see the water from the drain tube working as time goes on less water coming off the drains.  My thought is low on Freon but it seems strange both acting up at same time. Can these be recharged or are they sealed systems? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
They are sealed and not rechargeable. That sounds awful, but the fact is that loss of refrigerant is rarely a problem with those units.

You need to measure the air temperature at the return air inlet to each a/c and compare to the air temperature at the closest outlet duct.  The a/c should be able to lower the temperature by 20-25 degrees as it passes through.  Based on that info, a more informed opinion can probably be offered.

I'm unclear as to what "drain tube" you refer to. Is this inside or outside, up on the roof?
Just a thought you say the water is less coming off the roof from the A/C unit and temp is going up inside. Maybe the A/C units are frozen. Turn them off for a while then back on see if this helps. Also check the water coming from the A/C drains when unit is off. As the ice melts you should see ware.
In the past I have had these older units recharged,,they puncture the copper line and recharge and seal the puncture.>>>Dan
Yes, recharging can be done that way, but most shops refuse to do it. The puncture type add-on valves often leak and then the customer comes back to complain. A low side fill valve can be soldered in too, but that gets expensive and you still haven't fixed the original problem (it was leaking somewhere, right?).
sc4668 is probably on the right track if the cooling stops and no more condensate runs out on the roof.

It was the "tubes" reference that misled me. Some coaches have condensate drain lines instead of letting it run out onto the roof, but the Bounder isn't one of them.

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