2008 Jayco Jayfeather Sport 199 Price

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Jul 19, 2017
I am looking at the above rig at a local dealer . He is asking 8995. NADA says 5380 retail. How accurate is NADA ? I am a newbie with dealers so I need some advice on this. Thanks.
It's all retaliative, I meant relative.  You should have looked at enough trailers at dealers and online websites to have a feel for what is going on in the market and your area.  Personally I think it's a bit high, but a Dealer, what's new.  if it's immaculate, you like it, you have the money, get it and go camping.  Only downside is, if it turns out it's not exactly what you want, you might have a tough time selling it for anything close to that price.  Offer them 6k, you can always raise your offer. Good luck  :))

Edit: correct first sentence
Spencer PJ,
  "retaliative" Really? Who is retaliating?
The NADA RV Guide is not very accurate. There is no nationwide system of sale price reporting for RVs, and no auction network either, so actual selling prices are unknown. NADA uses estimate depreciation in the RV guide, but actual selling prices can vary quite a bit for popular models plus there are seasonal and regional price variations.  Further, condition is more important than age or mileage on rvs.

Prices are often highly negotaiable, so make an offer if you feel the asking price is high. Worse that happens is they say No (but maybe not a real hard No). And you can always raise your offer if you want.
Thanks for all the quick replies . The camper is in good shape and we like the layout and the size, has some upgrades too. Dealer said make a "reasonable" offer. He's had it awhile too. Guess it depends on how bad he wants to move it. Thanks again all.
Starting out with "NADA says it's only worth $5300" seems like a reasonable position.  In fact, you can start at Low Retail and later raise the offer somewhat if needed.  But before getting to heavy into the price negotiation, make sure you know what all the cost parameters are. Some dealers have a "dealer fee" (pure extra profit), fees for prep and PDI, and transfer (paperwork) fees, plus there are state taxes and tag/title fees.
ChasA said:
Spencer PJ,
  "retaliative" Really? Who is retaliating?

;D ;D ;D  I meant relative.  as in "considered in relation or in proportion to something else."

I really need to use my readers more often, spell check gets me often  ;D ;D ;D

Also, if Dealer has had it a while, I would carefully look it over for any signs of water damage, like a roof leaking.

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