3 weeks into our 7 week trip

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camper1b said:
Just wanted to remind you folks that we are in the middle of our trip around the country.? You can follow it on this website...http://herewego2005.blogspot.com/

Wow,  What an interesting trip log.  I'm exhausted just reading it.  You are obviously MUCH younger than we are to have the stamina for the Long days.  You will love retirement when you have all the time in the world to enjoy the sights.  Hope your mechanical troubles are over.  What lifelong memories you  are creating for the kids! Thanks for sharing.
Betty Brewer
Sounds like a great trip so far and looking forward to reading the rest of your trip logs.  We have been to all those places but it is interesting to read your comments about them.  I agree with Betty that all of you are much younger and have more stamina for those long days.  Glad to see that you stop and smell the roses once in a while.  Certainly creating great memories for the children.  My children still talk about a trip we took to New England many years ago.  May the rest of your trip be maintenance free and safe.
Thanks for the trip report.  Sounds like you and your family are having a great time.  Like Lorna and Betty mentioned I don't think Sam & I could muster up the stamina for such a busy schedule.  Hope you maintenance problems are over now.  I am sure you will continue to enjoy your trip.

Regarding the lack of 87 octane in the West.  The octane level requirement decreases with altitude.  Where you require 87 octane at sea level or even 1000 feet only 86 octane is required at say 4 or 6 thousand feet.  If you notice the 87 octane was again available in southern Calif.

Hope you continue to enjoy your trip and that you do not experience any more maintenance difficulties.
We're at Lincoln Road RV Park in Helena, MT for a couple of nights to "do" Gates of the Mountains.  Then we'll move up to Mountain Meadow to wave as you fly by.
joelmyer said:
We're at Lincoln Road RV Park in Helena, MT for a couple of nights to "do" Gates of the Mountains.? Then we'll move up to Mountain Meadow to wave as you fly by.

We're at Rocky Mt Hi in Kalispell now and moving to Mountain Meadow on Tuesday. Will be there for 4 days. Road by there tonight and it looks very nice. Big sites widely spaced and private. Look for us in an Alpenlite 5er with FL plates and a white F350 single rear wheel. Don't have a site number yet, do you? Looks like you're catching up and may pass us. <g>
BruceinFL said:
moving to Mountain Meadow on Tuesday.

Wow! Another micro rally.

We started this trip at Camp Revis in NC.

Had lunch with Russ in Iowa City

Stayed at Adventureland with Tom & Margi

On to the Yellowstone (micro) rally with Phil & Doris

Now the Glacier Micro Rally with youse guys

And after this the Famous Sam Camp

Isn't the Framly great!
Anyone coming through Belgrade on I-90, give us a shout.  We are about 2 miles from the flying J and have room for ONE RV in the drive, water and electricity with a dump near us.  BG

Jim & Pat

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