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John Canfield

Site Team
Aug 8, 2006
Texas Hill Country
Happened across this MCD promo.  If you have been considering dumping your old pleated paper blinds for something more modern (with no strings  ;) ), this would be a great time pull the trigger.

We've had our MCD shades for maybe three years and I'm so glad we upgraded from the old pleated blinds.  It seemed like every year we were breaking at least one string, sometimes we had the same shade break a couple of times.
I see that the offer does not include dealers so it would be a self install thing. How difficult is it to replace the day/night shades with the MCD shades? Anybody done it?
I replaced 7 shades with MCDs. The first was a Bxxxx because:

First: I couldn't figure out how to remove the pleated shades. Turns out the were not mounted on clips, but screwed directly to the header. You couldn't see the screws because of the pleated material, but once I figured it out, I could feel them to get a screw driver on them.

Second: I took me a while to figure out where to place the new clips. My valance space was very tight so my first attempt failed because the clips were too close to the outside wall to give me the space needed to angle the MCD shade into the clip and snap it in place. After the first one they took about a 1/2 hour each. The last one was also a problem, but only because it was the kitchen window and the counter is angled out (making it very deep) and the valance is very tall with only 15" to the counter.

The install we be easier if you took down the valances,  but in my case I decided it was less work to leave them in place and deal with the limited space.

My coach came with the Windshield and front drivers/passenger windows already done. 

We love the MCDs and we paid full price ( we did get free shipping)

I didn't install ours (MCD did the install), but I've had to take couple down for maintenance.  Getting them out isn't too difficult, but reinstalling them was a chore due to the limited space of the valance.  To be fair, there is a trick to installing the bar (or whatever MCD calls it) in the clips - you start the outside and then rotate the assembly to snap it into place. We've met/heard about several that have gone the DIY route though.
We had a couple of bedroom shades that we wanted to replace when we got to Dallas. We are staying near their factory and took a ride over this morning. The DW was won over and since this special is going on, we decided to do all the windows (manual) with the Duos. We're skipping the windshield, which isn't part of the promotion.

Doing the final measurement check tonight.
Good for you guys!  You'll really enjoy the MCD shades.  The day shades are magnitudes better than the pleated blinds (so are the night shades for that matter  :) . )
Didn't do anything yet. Just sent the order form in. I am having shoulder surgery tomorrow and DW may be the one doing the installation. :eek:
We installed three of them in the living room/dining room area and it wasn't too difficult.

In our case it wasn't necessary to remove the valances but Lee wanted to recover them so I did take them down.
We liked them so much that we decided to install them in the rest of the coach. After talking with customer service I decided not to tackle the windshield part myself so we went to the factory and had them do the windshield and the rest of the coach as well.

We also had them install the solar fabric in the screen door.
Last call for the MCD 30% off promo - the program ends November 15th at 5 PM.  This would make a great Christmas present for your special person  :D.
Too late, it's 5:30PM in their time zone (CST).
We picked our shades up this morning. I found out that the rounded corners on the top of the valences required spacers under the clips to make the shades fit. Mounted them wrong on one valence and got them right on the second one. Tomorrow we fix the wrong one and get the rest up. I need to get the old ones back to McKinney for the 30% back.

The shade looks good. We didn't spring for the motorized ones.

All of this with my right arm hung up from shoulder surgery.

p.s. Did you ever use a miter saw with the wrong hand?
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