34 foot length restriction

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Jul 8, 2012
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Newbie here.  Wife and I are planning a year long trip around the country.  We plan to stay in all sorts of campgrounds, and non campgrounds.  I have heard that there can be a length restriction for Class A coaches in the smaller state parks, etc.  Of course the coach my wife likes is a 39 foot National Tradewinds. 
Yes there are a few places that you will not be able to get in to. BUT, in most all cases there will be a nearby commercial park that you can.

I have yet run into a issue at any place I have been to, some places are truly restricted by nature a (some national parks and such) but I have squeezed into a few of them. It was tight but came out unscathed.

If you plan to full time don't let a size restriction make you uncomfortable. Just plan around it!
Thanks Capn, If I read you correctly, make the wife happy, and work around the size?  Is there much difference in the driving of a 39' or 34'?  Beau
I have only a 32' motorhome, but I stay almost entirely in state and national parks.  A 39' vehicle may slightly limit the number of spaces available, but I have seen tons of larger vehicles in state parks.  In fact, many state parks can handle even larger vehicles.

Why not go online and pretend you are making reservations in several state parks and check for yourself?  I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 
Well, I had a 36' gasser and now have a 40' DP. The gasser was ok to drive, the DP is like a dream and much more manuverable.

I would suggest that you go test drive one of each and see for your self. There is no comparison that can explain it. With a DP the quiet is wonderful.

And, I have yet to see any park that will pull out a tape measure to see how long you are.

With just a little practice you can put a DP nearly anywhere you want.

It isn't necessarily the size of the site that prohibits a longer motorhome.  Sometimes it's because there's a barrier such as a tree right in the middle of the back of the site so there's no room to maneuver.  Be sure you know how long the motorhome "really" is because a 40-footer may be 41 feet 5 inches.  We got into a site once that was supposed to fit our 40-footer, but there was a chain link fence at the back of the site and the extra foot put our front end out in the street.  Another size issue might be have to do with the access roads within the campground.  If it's a heavily treed area, you might have problems making turns when trees are close to the road or have low overhanging branches.  We've been in both situations and it can be harrowing trying to maneuver without damaging anything.  We've also been in campgrounds where there was a length limit but we easily fit into the site and maneuvered the roads without any problem.  Generally speaking, if they have a length limit, you need to find out why.  If an entry in the Trailer Life Campground Directory states "mostly shaded sites" that means there probably are a lot of trees and if there's also a length limit, the trees may be the reason.

Yea, a few times both locally here in Ohio or trips around the country we have to look elsewhere for camping.  Like stated above our 38ft rv is 39.5ft long, we always use list our rv as 40ft when booing reservations.  Its not really a small state park vs large but how old the camping area is and how many trees there are.  Many times its just the trees are to close to the road making it impassible for longer vehicles. 

I wouldn't let that deter you from getting a larger rv, like stated almost always another camping area nearby that you can fit into.  I would get whatever rv you want and just be prepared to not fit into some camping areas. 
If you see signs restricting vehicle size, respect it and go another way.
We went down the south access to Yosemite National Park in our 24 foot Class C and drove past the sign limiting vehicle length to 24 feet (We're OK, right?).

Some of the turns in the road were so sharp that I had the steering wheel turned to full lock and just made it around the turn. Thank God nobody was approaching from the other direction. Even swinging it as wide as I could, I used all of both lanes.

Pay attention to signage and you'll be fine. As far as camping goes, Like 2K stated, book as a 40 foot and request pull through whenever possible. You'll be fine and love every minute of it.

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