34H Heater Venting Inspection

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Jan 20, 2007
While helping Garycalif with his solar install, we happened to get into the heater box as well as the riser space where the rear TV is. In this space are two heater return vents in addition to the one in the floor in the bedroom. These are there to make sure that the heater gets all the circulation it needs to operate without the box overheating. These two vents are ducted to the heater box via a cutout in the floor directly behind the bedroom vent. The cutout in the floor is probably 3"x12" (rough).

The problem is that the factory installed a thick plastic vapor barrier over allot of the plywood floor, and they neglected to cut the plastic away from the hole. I came home to check mine and found the same vapor barrier across the hole. With it cut away, it appears that there is more air out the floor vents now, but that might be wishful thinking... My heater has been known to short cycle the burner for excessive heat, and I'll bet this is the cause.

If you have a 34H chassis, check it out
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