38mm (1.456 inches) Rear Sway Bar Bushes for F53

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Oct 9, 2005
  :( I have surfed the net for 2 days and travelled to several Bus/Truck spare parts companies here in the UK trying to find a pair of 38mm (1.456 inches) Rear Sway Bar Bushes for our 1996 Newmar Mountain Aire 37.5ft based on the Ford F53 460 chassis. Can anyone point me to where I can buy them?
Energy Suspension ? X-Treme Duty Components support suitable ones for Winnebago, Dodge, John Deere & Others which are Common replacements in motor homes. But I cannot find a supplier on-line.  ???
Are you looking for just the bushings for an existing sway bar or the whole kit? Have you emailed Energy Suspension and asked for the name of a dealer who can ship to you?

Here is what appears to be a source - look under 1996 Ford and then scan down the list for the F53 chassis (near the bottom). http://www.1motormart.com/unified/year_model.php?make_text=Ford&year=1996&part_name=sway_bar_bushing

??? My fault with the conversion. I had been doing a conversion from the 1 7/16 inches that is close to what I was looking for. Yes you are correct. The true conversion works out to 1.496 062 992 inch which I had been searching for. In my frustration of 2 days of searching. I started to get all my conversions mixed up.  ::)

I am just looking for the Bushes. They are a 'D' shape (disappeared from my sway bars) bush with a sway bar diameter measured with calipers at 37.9mm which is 1.492 125 984 inches. I have emailed the Energy systems company for 2 days with no answers on a company to supply the ones they make for the Winnebago and Dodge etc which are 1 7/16 or 1 5/8. The 1 7/16 works out at 1.4375 inches and the 1 5/8 works out at 1.625. So the closest would be the 1 7/16.
Thanks RV Roamer. I have tried the link and they don't have the bushes. Just about everything else.  :(

Thanks for the help guys. Any more suggestions? Please reply ASP.  ;)

I don't know how time critical it is, but I will be going to a large rv salvage facility in Missouri around the 3rd week in October. I will put them on my list of things to look for. If you could post a picture, I'll compare it to my F53 to make sure they are the correct ones.

:) Hi Karl. Thanks for the offer. But I am hoping to be in Spain (Europe) by that time. By hook or by crook they say.  ;D

The Bush should look something like this :- http://delsoltuning.com/images/EnergySuspension/SwayBarGreasable.jpg

But the actual Bush clamps are solid steel 3 7/8 between mounting holes. The clamp is 1 5/16 thick, 3 inches tall and 4 inches wide at the base.
This has to be a common part requirement - should not need a salvage yard to resolve it. 

Henderson's Line Up does a lot of Rv suspension reapir work - wonder if they might assist you in finding a source for the part. Normally they would have you come in for service, but under the circumstances they might give you some free advice.

Here's another  place that claims to offer bushings: Spring Works

I also see that Amazon.com has universal-type Energy Suspension sway bar bushngs - maybe a set of those would fit.

Googling for sway bar bushings turns up quite a few hits - seems like one of them ought to be able to come up with a solution.
:) Hi RV Roamer. Thank you for more links. These are the same ones I have been sourcing from ebay and several other places. They are a little too small but can be made to fit in a squeeze. So far. No one is answering my emails.? ????




:( My 37.9mm (1.492 inch) sway bar doesn't match up anywhere. I have even been to Ford Motorcraft web site for the F53. But all they give is a part number. No sizes or photos.? ???

BTW. I have measured the Sway bar with calipers.? ;D
Energy suspensions had poly bushings for my '92.
I did have to call them though...
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