45 or 60 amp Converter?

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Jan 3, 2013
The 45 amp Parallax converter in my 2006 Sunova is not charging my house batteries. Should I replace it with another 45 or with a 60 amp or what? Why?
Will the existing wiring support a 60 amp converter or more if there is a 45 amp in here now?
I am installing four 6v golf cart batteries with plans to install two solar panels soon. Does the number of batteries determine the size of the converter or is it the wiring? My research shows lots of folks here use a Progressive Dynamics 9260C or 9280C but will it be better and/or safe to go to higher amps?
Advice on brands and ease of do-it-yourself install would be appreciated.
It would be easy enough to replace wires from converter to battery with larger wires, usually fairly short.  :)
First thing to determine is, if the existing converter powers your lights and appliances it may not be defective even if it's not currently charging the batteries.  You could have a DC circuit breaker tripped, a disconnect solenoid open or a fuse blown.

As for upgrading to a 60amp converter, it's unlikely that you will ever see (need) the full 60amps in a normal charge sequence, but if you do, it would be prudent to have upgraded the size of the wire between the converter and the batteries.

Adding the additional batteries later will not automatically require upgraded wiring, but if you are adding them because you definitely intend to do the kind of heavy boondocking style camping they will afford, then you should do the job right and upgrade the wiring now so you can accommodate heavier and quicker recharges when required.  JMHO
Hi: DZLTEK here. Do yourself a favour and replace your converter with the progressive dynamics 60A unit. Make sure you get the smart charger module that's available for controlled charging. Your planning on having a 4 GC (golf cart) battery pack and this size of a battery bank needs big charging. Make sure you size these wires from the converter to the batteries accordingly and pay attention to the complete running length of the wire. e.g from converter to batteries and back. Depending on your situation you could have a length of up to twenty feet (10 feet going and 10 feet back) perhaps a minimum of 4gauge. This is what I've done with a 5th wheel I had and it worked out very well. :)

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