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Nov 12, 2006
Quincy CA
I have a 2wd standard transmission Dodge Dakota that can not be pulled> Bummer
It looks like I can get a $1000 driveshaft thing, buy a $2000 trailer, or disconnect my drive shaft every time I want to tow.
I don't like the dolly thing and pull it backwards.
Could I leave it in 5th gear and have the clutch disengaged?  It would easy enough to fabricate a clutch bar to hold it in. That would have the gears turn so the output bearing would get lubed. I think it is this bearing that doesn?t get lubed.
Any other ways it can be done?

I would not do that, you will wear out a different bearing.

Never heard of a stick shift that could not be towed 4-down before but I guess there is a 1st time for everything.
I looked it up again to make sure. I was wrong; it says max of 50 miles, due to lack of lubrication to rear bearing and bushing.
I don't know what other bearing it would wear out? The trany would be in normal opperasional mode. Perhaps the pilot bearing would fry? Would be pretty hard on the pressure plate springs.
Probably a bad idea ???
The same condition was also on some of the older Jeeps with manual transmission.  We had a late 60/s Jeep commando that we were told could not be towed because the rear transfer case bearing would not be properly lubed.  The fix was to remove the transfer case fill plug and install a street elbow pointed up and putting the plug in the street elbow.  By filling the transfer case to the top of the street elbow  raised the oil level in the transfer case to provide lubrication to the bearing.  Worked for us.  Might want to do some research and see if this is a possible cure on your Dakota.

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