5th Wheel Stabilizer

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So please give me some comments on the best 5th wheel king pin stablizer. Most of what I see are tripod systems, but I've heard they are harder to set up on uneven ground then bipods; yet bipods are rarely advertised. What is the best way to stabilize the side to side sway.
We used a BAL bi-pod system with the King of The Road 5W we used to own. It was  areally rugged unit and adjusted easily for any terrain.  Never tried a tripod, so cannot compare. I would think , however, that a tripod should have two adjustable-length legs to be used on extremely uneven ground, but one adjustable leg should be plenty for typical campgrounds.  Our bipod had one adjustable leg and compensated easily for any terrain.

BAL makes both bipod and tripod king pin stabilizers, in several models.  If you look down the list on the page below, you will see all 4 models from BAL listed and can compare them. I think the tripod models are used to support the heaviest 5Ws, though. 

The Minard tripod is not adjustable, as far as I can see, but it is also light in weight and probably intended only for "nice" RV parks.
Thanks Gary, that was just what I was looking for! :)
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