5th wheel without carpet

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I assume you've asked a dealer if you could order one without carpet (?) I know that motorhomes can be ordered with a choice of floor covering, but don't know about 5th wheels.

Do you mind me asking what floor covering you need? Hopefully one of our trailer/5W members will jump in.
Vinyl floor covering is fine.  As long as it is not carpet.  My wife is asthmatic and allergic to all forms of carpet.  The only cloth in our house is clothing and bed linen all else is vinyl and plastic. :)
I have seen 5th wheels with wood floors in the kitchen living area.  Don't know what was in the bedroom.  I'm sure that 5th wheels can be ordered without carpet.  You might not find one an a dealers lot it will probably have to be ordered.
New Horizons will build your fifth wheel from the chassis up, pretty much any way you want it.  And since they build every one of their fifth wheels to order, they aren't any more expensive than other good brands.  See www.horizonsrv.com/
There was an RV manufacturer at the Tampa RV show this year that only makes fifth wheels to order. Unfortunately, I didn't keep their brochure and business card. Maybe someone else who attended the show will have the info and post it.
That was likely New Horizons. That's the way they do business.  While they do have a set of floor plans, they are used mostly as a starting point and each and every trailer is designed to the buyers personal specifications.
Most manufacturers just lay carpet over the bare plywood or particle board floor.? Northwood Manufacturing (Nash and Arctic Fox brands) lay linoleum throughout the trailer as a moisture barrier, then lay carpeting over the linoleum in carpeted areas.? ?I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard for them to leave the carpet out.


Alpenlite, from Yakima WA, will build a 5th wheel with no carpet, adn I heard, but am not sure that Keystone will do the same in some of their higher end models.
We just ordered a Sunnybrook SUT and was joking with the dealer about leaving out the carpeting.? Even though they don't recommend it,
Sunnybrook will build it without carpeting.? My husband and I both were impressed with Sunnybrook.? They are building our SUT the way
that we want it.? I even wanted an extra cabinet built in the bedroom, and they said no problem.? ?:D :D? We will be picking up our new rig
in about 3 weeks.
Take care.....

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