6 v golf cart battery use

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Mar 28, 2005
I have a 28 ft 5th wheeler with one slide out and I want to replace my two 12 v Marine/RV batteries with two 6 v golf cart batteries.  Will these batteries have enough amp output to handle the slide out motor and the front jack motor of the 5th wheel?
Winston, the short answer is yes.

The 12V "marine/RV" batteries are probably combination deep cycle and engine cranking batteries, which means they're a compromise between the two functions. Even if they were true deep cycle batteries, two 6V golf cart batteries connected in series for 12V will have approximately the same capacity. Those golf cart batteries are made for heavy daily discharging and recharging and will do what you need. Just remember to connect them in series to provide 12V.
Another option would be to replace the two 12V marine/RV batteries with two real 12V DEEP CYCLE Batteries.? Be carefull not to buy a batteries made by Excide as IMHO they are not up to par.
winston said:
Will these batteries have enough amp output to handle the slide out motor and the front jack motor of the 5th wheel?

Two answers:

Answer one.. If you have the room, you might try 4 6v batteries in serries/parrallel configuration

Answer two.. If you don't have the room, then YES.  Golf cart batteries are not designed for starting, thus they are designed for maximum power per cubic unit.  Marine batteries are designed for starting, thus they are deisgned for a cross between most power and most current.

Automotive starting batteries are designed for most current per cubic unit

Cubic unit refers to the physical size of the battery

Go here http://www.trojan-battery.com/Tech-Support/TechologyLibrary/BlendingTechandMarkets.aspx and click on "Connections Diagram" to see how various series/parallel arrangements are done. Two 6-Volt deep cycly batteries such as the Trjan T-105's in a series hookup will be adequate for all but the most demanding requirements. I've currently (no pun intended) have this arrangement, but will be adding 2 more 6-Volt'ers using them in series/parallel. I'm doing this primarily because I typically use a lot of electricity at all hours of the day and night, and it's now always feasible or courteous to run the genset at 3 a.m. - That can get a person seriously injured ;D The other reason is that if I have one or two batteries fail, there should always be 2 good ones that can be wired together to provide 12 volts; at least temporarily. Personally, I would stick with a well-known brand such as Trojan or get a type that can be easily replaced without having to travel hundreds of miles or have them, shipped a great distance. Some people use golf cart batteries from Wal-Mart; available nearly everywhere. An alternative to the "flooded cell" deep cycle batteries like the T-105's and Golf cart batteries are the "AGM", or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries that don't have any liquid in them to slosh around, don't require any addition of water and, some say, will give more 'cycles' than the flooded cell types. For an in-depth description of battery types, click on the "Library" button above, then select the "Newcomers Need To Know" topic, then select "Glossary of terms" and scroll down to "Battery/Battery Bank" and go on from there. 
Karl said:
...click on the "Library" button above, then select the "Newcomers Need To Know" topic, then select "Glossary of terms" and scroll down to "Battery/Battery Bank" and go on from there.

Hey Karl, I'm impressed! But it doesn't take a lot to do that  ;D

No disagreement that Trojans are made to outlast other brands. OTOH I buy generic golf cart batteries from my local distributor who supplies all the golf courses. FWIW last week I recommended a friend change all 8 of their Trojan L-16 flooded batteries, although they were only 2 years old. Glad I didn't have the $1,800 bill. But lack of maintenance was a major contributor to failure (aka the batteries boiled numerous times for lack of water).

What size (such as 24, 27, 31, other) are the batteries you have? If you have size 27, I would leave them in place until a failure, then replace. I have 2 size 27 Marine/RV batteries and am satisfied for now. I don't have enough height for the golf cart stuff anyway. I had 2 golf cart batteries in my previous MH.

Karl said:
Yeah, batteries are like eggs - impossible to un-boil

ROTFL I've not heard that one before! I gotta remember that when I give folks my battery maintenance lecture.
Thanks for the good info.  The library reference was very helpful, Karl.

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